College Entrepreneur of the Year Award 2017 winner


Coachbook is an online platform for riding coaches to train horse riders remotely through live video streaming, eliminating the geographical limitations faced by athletes wishing to excel in their sport while also providing a marketplace for coaches to showcase their talents.

Winning Institution

Paddy MacDonagh
Chris Bogues

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Cruickshank Intellectual Property Attorneys’ High Achieving Merit Award winner


StrydeTechTM, is a mobility aid company, currently specialising in walking frames. Our aim is to assist those who struggle with mobility, balance and those who cannot get from the sit-down to stand-up position independently without the assistance from others. StrydeTechTM is a modern, innovative and life changing mobility aid which creates independence and freedom for all of its users.

Winning Institution

Muireann Hickey
Cian O’Leary
Kevin Hayes
Jonathan Mullane
Alexander Sologub

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Grant Thornton Emerging Business Award winner


BellaMoon® is a unique multi-functional breast-feeding bed, co-sleeping bed, pregnancy pillow and baby dock. It helps mothers comfortably adopt the universal lateral co-sleeping and breastfeeding position with their babies which, in turn, creates a wonderful loving bonding experience, greatly enriches the mothers sleep and significantly prolongs breastfeeding duration. It provides mothers and fathers with greater comfort and peace of mind whilst co-sleeping, and provides baby with the ease, closeness and loving connection associated with breast-feeding. BellaMoon® allows you to “sleep with love”.

Winning Institution

Irene Breen

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Intel ICT award winner


StrokeSense is a medical application device design. StrokeSense will be designed for people at risk of suffering a stroke and will incorporate a brand new innovation in this field. Built by a multi-disciplinary team with backgrounds in Biomedical and Mechanical Engineering, as well as Business, StrokeSense may one day save a life.

Winning Institution

Ciara Cronin
Kevin O’Regan
Emmet Cadogan
Conor McCarthy
Cathal Merz
Jamie Coleman
Thom Ver Kley

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