College Entrepreneur of the Year Award 2018 winner


MacGlas is a novel vision aid designed to help people suffering from macular degeneration, the leading cause of vision loss in the western world, which results in the progressive loss of central vision. By configuring and applying existing technologies in a new and innovative way to harness and optimally utilise the sufferer’s peripheral undamaged vision, MacGlas helps these individuals regain everyday capabilities such as reading that have been made impossible by the genetic macular degeneration disease.

Winning Institution


Elaine Leahy

David O’Donovan

Daniel Crowley

Ryan Breen

Michael Ahern

Brian Fitzpatrick

Colm Nicholl

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Cruickshank Intellectual Property Attorneys’ High Achieving Merit Award

Acidose 1

The Acidose 1 has been designed in accordance with new EU regulations to eliminate the use of antibiotics in the poultry industry. The alternative solution involves adopting a new acidic dosing method. This new method involves lowering the pH of the poultry’s water supply, which prevents the growth of harmful bacteria in the chicken’s gastrointestinal tract. This harmful bacterium is responsible for digestion problems and common diseases such as coccidiosis. The Acidose 1 is an electronic device that automatically controls the water supply pH with complete accuracy. It is an innovative idea that has taken into account all of the problems associated with the previous solution which has hindered the new dosing method’s progression.

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Warren Stevely

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Grant Thornton Emerging Business Award Winner

PROgress Equine

PROgress Equine is a company which formulates and produces concentrate feedstuffs for equines that is both environmentally sustainable and nutritionally superior to existing products. Our main focus is protein, a key nutrient for the healthy growth and development of bone and muscle in equines. By using innovative ingredients, we have identified superior sources of protein. By adding this innovative protein source to our formulations, PROgress Equine provides equine rations that are more nutritionally beneficial at a similar price to products currently on the market. By 2050, there will be nine billion people on the planet. Using our current method of producing protein, we will not be able to meet the planet’s projected protein needs. PROgress Equine’s protein requires substantially less land and water to produce, making it more environmentally sustainable than soya bean in the long term.

Winning Institution

Lorna Power

Emma Murphy

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Local Enterprise Office ICT Award

IGNAUTICA Underwater Search and Recovery System

The Ignautica Underwater Search and Recovery system heralds a new age of intelligent diving platforms aiming to lead the way in SAR worldwide. The complete equipment system is used for the planning, co-ordination and execution of underwater SAR at depths of up to 70M below sea level. Rewarding enhanced diving safety, greater searching effectiveness, and increased operational efficiency, Ignautica offers valuable tools for all those from sea-bed to surface including location tracking of underwater teams, communication tools to link parties, and search path guidance for divers.

Winning Institution

Jordan Kelly

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1. Aireach
Ben Nolan – NUIG

2. Irish Mussel Seed Company
Kate Dempsey – IT Carlow

3. GreenBreathing
Rosie Clancy, Tadhg O’Byrne, Sean Deasy, Kevin Mullen, Aidan Phelan, Yevhen Sarchov & Aidan Keegan – CIT

4. BLives
Claire McSweeney, John O’Sullivan, Eoghan O’Leary, Samprikta Manna & David Zelaya – UCC

5. Gro2
Geoff Wright – ITB Blanchardstown

6. Hurtlockers Medical Ltd
James Carson & Daniel Laverty – QUB & University of Ulster