College Entrepreneur of the Year Award 2019 winner


NanoDetect can provide an advanced PSA screening technology to GPs and hospitals which will improve detection rates of prostate cancer. Our core goal is to reduce patient wait-time with quick test-results, and to educate and raise awareness about prostate cancer. Our future goal is to be the breast check equivalent for men, and to eventually bring our technology into other routine screening procedures for other types of disease.

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Christopher Mc Brearty

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Cruickshank High Achieving Merit Award


Our product is an implantable alternative to the current stoma treatment method. With a StomAssure device the need for glues and powders to attach a stoma bag is completely removed and the user also gains the ability to close their stoma with a liquid tight seal at their convenience. We believe with our device we can revolutionise the stoma treatment system and provide a significantly higher quality of life to all ostomates in the world.

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John Colbert
David O’Connor
Elise Kenneally
Michael Goggin

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Grant Thornton Emerging Business Award Winner

Crafted Equestrian

Crafted Equestrian is a company born out of passion and love for the welfare of horses. Our goal is to create products and solutions within the equestrian market that will positively impact the lives of horses and their owners. Crafted Equestrian’s first product is a girth. A girth is the piece of equipment that holds the horse’s saddle in place. The patented pressure relieving girth can prevent girth galls occurring, avoid costly vet bills, potentially improve horse performance and improve horse welfare and comfort.

Winning Institution

Jenny Gregg

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Local Enterprise Office ICT Award

Micron Agritech Ltd

4 in 5 antimicrobial drugs sold are used in the agriculture Industry. By 2050, 10 million people will die every year from common infections due to antimicrobial resistance, caused as a result of the overuse of medication. Parasite test results for cows take a minimum of 3-5 working days for lab analysis and can lead farmers to dose their animals instead of testing, resulting in wasted money on medication. The Tástáil Kit is a revolutionary parasite testing kit allows farmers to test their animals instantly and on site. The testing process only takes a few minutes and farmers will receive a text with the results instantly.

Winning Institution

Daniel Izquierdo Hijazi
Sean Smith
Tara McElligott
Jose Lopez Escobar

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1. BabyAlertTM
Evan Stone, Lisa Lynch, Tuoyo Ede – CIT

2. Cula Sleep Systems
Killian Flemming – UL

3. 3DSciSolutions
Klaudia Juda, Paola Cioppi, Katie O’Connor, Erika Vasiliauskaite – UCC

4. EZ Reader
Christopher Barrett, Killian Flemming, Conor Biggins, Mark O’Sullivan – UL

5. Hazardless MedicalTM
Simon Dring, Dara Lynch, Phillip Chan, Conor Kerin, Daniel Keating, John Reynolds – CIT

6. LayoTech Solutions
Laurence O’Sullivan, Oisin McAvinchey, Yatharth Kaushik, Arno Fricke – UCC


Colm O’Kane – TU Dublin