How to Enter

Get on the road to success in 2018

The 2018 Student Entrepreneur Awards is now open! The competition will have three stages.


Stage 1 – Create a video and submit your entry

We’re looking for great ideas with commercial and export potential. The first step is to submit a video that shows us how great your idea is.

Let us know…
1. What the product is
2. Who you think will buy it
3. How quickly you can commercialise it
4. Its export potential
5. Is there a competitor? If yes, why is your idea better?

Remember – less is more!
Keep it short and make it memorable! Maximum duration of video is 3 minutes or 180 seconds. All entries are submitted online and must include a link to the video.

Closing date is Friday 16th March 2018 at 5pm.  Email your video link to

When sending us your video link please also include the following details;

  1. Company/Project name.
  2. Project description – Less than 100 words
  3. College/Institute
  4. Course names/s
  5. Student name/s
  6. Supervisor name/s
  7. Lead contact email address
  8. Lead contact mobile number
  9. Password for video link if applicable


Stage 2 – Submit a business plan

The top 50 entries received will be shortlisted and asked to submit a business plan by Monday 2nd April 2018.


Stage 3 – Final judging

Ten projects will go forward to the final. You will be asked to present your idea to the judging panel in June 2018 in NUIG. This 2 day long session concludes with the Student Entrepreneur Awards ceremony.