Terms and Conditions

  1. The project concept must be the student’s/team’s idea only.  Full ownership of the project concept must reside with the student/team submitting the application to the Student Entrepreneurship Awards.
  2. If one or two of the team decide to pursue with the business concept, they must do so in full agreement with the remainder of their team.
  3. If the applicants decide not to pursue the business concept, they are entitled to assign all rights of the submitted project to their registered college at the time of application.  All members of the team must be in agreement to this assignment.
  4. Finalists are wholly responsible for the development of their project concept and commercialisation and should be responsible for drawing down any prizes both cash and consultancy based that they are entitled to.
  5. Finalists may draw down their cash and consultancy prize up to 2 years after the announcement at the closing ceremony relevant to their projects.